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When you are developing a solar PV system, would you like us to help you define the optimal layout, calculate the required ballast and supply the exact quantities of parts for your system? Or would you rather build projects in any configuration from your own stocks? With SUNBEAM you can do both!

Project proposal...

When you are building projects that are sufficiently substantial in size, SUNBEAM can assist you in defining the optimal project layout. We will take several factors into account: where are the obstacles on the roof located, where might partial shading cause an issue, what are the best sized solar panel fields for this particular situation?

When we know a project's geographic location and the building height, we can often estimate the required ballast and resulting roofload directly. Obviously, we will then supply you with an all-in budget estimation for the project as well.


...or bulk ordering

Some of our clients prefer to assemble prijects with SUNBEAM parts coming from their own stocks and not everyone always requires us to provide specific advice per project. In such cases we might supply SUNBEAM parts in fixed quantities against even sharper pricing than project-based deliveries.
Please contact us about the possibilities in case you are interested.


Tell us all
The more we know about your project, the more detailed the project proposal that we can provide. Below are the most relevant issues that we'd like to hear about:
  • Project name or -reference. This helps in the communication process.
  • Required date of delivery.
  • Required project size or numbe rof modules.
  • Project location. Preferably an address, which helps us to determine the wind zone (required for ballasting calculations) and enables us (through Google Maps) to 'have a look from above'.
  • Module to be used. Preferably manufacturer and model nr. When this information is still uncertain, please specify module type (e.g. poly 60 cell( and weight.
  • Roof height. Required for ballasting calculations.
  • Type of roofing (bitumen, PVC, EPDM etc.).


Wind load and Eurocode

Industrial buildings with lightweight metal roofs often have a very limited headroom when it comes to the aditional load of a PV system. With SUNBEAM we have combined proven design principles with our own specific research and wind tunnel testing. This resulted in a system that is leightweight without having compromised on safety and durability.

We base all outr ballasting proposals upon the standardised Eurocode (EN 1991_1-4) tables to determine the wind loads per project. Each project that we do will be calculated according to this standard. For you as a client this means that will learn in advance the total system weight (in kg/m2) for your project. With most SUNBEAM projects this value typically lies between 10 and 17 kg/m2, depending on location and building height.

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Careful, complete and just in time

With every project delivery you will receive all relevant project documents such as the layout drawings, the packaging list, the system dimensions and the mounting instructions. Our forwarders can, upon request, agree upon a specific time of delivery at the site.





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If you would like to ge convinced about SUNBEAM's many advantages, the best way is to try it out for yourself with a test project.

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10 year warranty
When installed according to SUNBEAM’s guidelines, including the application of the proper ballasting scheme as specified by SUNBEAM, we will guarantee that the system will withstand wind and snow loads as defined in the Eurocode.
The standard warranty period for SUNBEAM is 10 years.